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We are a mycological laboratory providing education and consulting on all things fungi, operating on Jewels of the Forest Fungi Farm.

Our aim is to further educate the community on the wonders of the Fungi Kingdom while advancing social interest in our living ecosystem. By recycling, reducing waste, and reusing materials we are leaving the world a better place. We love to teach and we love to learn. Our doors are always open so stop by the farm and take a tour. You can help save the world, one mushroom at a time!

Our mycelial network spreads wide throughout the community, recycling waste products from other industries. A majority of our spawn is made from spent beer grains from microbreweries in Sonoma County.

Our substrates are produced from used coffee grounds and our wood chips from local arborist. Best of all, our mushroom kits are made from used Sonoma County wine bottles. Check them out online or in a local store near you!

Jewels of the Forrest Farms offers you fresh gourmet mushrooms and uniquely crafted mushroom products. Our Shroom Snacks: Premium Mushroom Jerky is a nutritious & high in fiber snack for anyone. Spice up your favorite dish as an exotic mushroom topping or munch on a bag on the couch with your special someone. From hikers on he trail, to the entrepreneur up late creating the next social revolution, Shroom Snacks go with every occasion. Premium Mushroom Jerky will leave you feeling magical and salivating for more of that stimulating umami flavor.

Promoting Science & Education

Our passion in promoting mushrooms goes beyond their use as a delicious, meat-free food source. The team behind Shroom Snack Premium Mushroom Jerky is heavily involved in the science of mycology. Mycology is the science of mushrooms and fungus. Mushrooms are incredible organisms that can do almost anything – from repairing our environment to feeding those suffering from hunger across the world.

Working with communities all over the globe, we promote the use of mushrooms as a meat-alternative food source that is high in protein, and beneficial for our environment. Growing food should never come at a cost to future generations! Mushrooms and fungus are ecological healers so you can enjoy them in your food absolutely guilt-free.

>We work hard to uphold the tenets of conscious cocreation (capitalism) in our food production. Integrity, value and transparency are the guiding principles that chart our course. Kaizen, the Japanese (A) process of continual improvement is at the core of our values. Like you, we are never satisfied with merely reaching our goals. We strive to exceed expectations (to thrive).

Our focus is in satisfying all of our stakeholders. Your enjoyment of our foods as a customer is our main focus. However, it is also our mission to ensure that all relationships with supply chain partners, employees and investors are mutually beneficial. We strive to see our stakeholders THRIVE.

Healthy and Delicious Mushroom Dishes

Mushrooms are a perfect accompaniment to, and substitute for, meat in your diet. Their versatility comes from their meaty textures and flavors. Each mushroom has a unique flavor profile that takes time to understand and fully harness. Drawing on inspiration from Thai cooking, our team at Jewels of the Forest knows the best spices to bring out the deep flavors of a diverse range of edible fungi.

Jewels of the Forest Farm began as a commitment between family and friends to share our love of mushroom cuisine and promote them as a staple food in the American diet. Many Eastern cultures feature edible mushrooms in their foods as a main ingredient. Enhancing the flavor and nutritional content of your food is just the beginning.

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